Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Well that's done!

I did the bathroom cabinet and that was the biggest of all the projects so far. My goodness there was a lot of junk in there! All clean now! How do we let things get away like that? I think the next one will be the little cabinet in the kitchen where we keep mittens and scarves and hats and such. Sound like a plan?

Besides that we had an election yesterday here in Canada, and that's always interesting! Unlike the USA we can have elections anytime we like (or the politicians force us to) and the last one was only about 1 1/2 years ago. We had a minority Liberal government (i.e. the had the most seats in Parliament but less than half of them) and now we have a minority Conservative government, so the parties will have to work together. I hope so anyway or we will be back at it in another year or two! I stayed up VERY late and watched the returns as it takes a while to get them from the west. I think I'll be looking to take a nap later!

On a lighter note, there was a neat survey going around about 4 things of this and that. Think I'll do that next.

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