Sunday, January 08, 2006

Indian Butter Chicken

I made some yummy Indian Butter Chicken tonight for dinner using a kit that my daughter Renee gave us for Christmas. She actually gave us a big basket of yummy things, and this is one of them. There were spices in the package as well as a can of thick cream and a package of basmati rice and all the instructions. I just had to add chicken, yogurt and tomato sauce and some oil and butter. It was really tasty. This is relevant to my goals for 2006 because I am cooking some ethnic food! I have also used the wok another daughter, Nicole, gave me several times. Tomorrow I think I may do something Chinese. Renee also gave me a wok cookbook. I'm so lucky! My girls love me...or maybe they just think I should cook more interesting food? Sorry - no pictures of the butter chicken...we ate it all!

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