Sunday, January 22, 2006

Project of the week+

Has anyone ever done something like this? I have a rather big old house and it tends to get over-run with stuff at times. Anyway, I have begun what I call project-of -the- week. The first was my rather large and deep linen closet in the upstairs hallway, which was so full of stuff it was hard to find anything. I even had crib linens in there and my youngest just turned 16! So two weeks ago I cleared it all out, organized the good stuff, and took alot of un-needed things to a charity. Week two: that was my clothes closet. All sorts of non-fitting, un-needed or wanted clothes cleared out. Gone! Tomorrow I will do my medicine/cosmetics etc. cabinet in our master bedroom, which is not a little thing in the wall, it is a big armoire-type thing. Has towels in it too. I haven't decided after that. The nice thing is I can do one big project like that, and then the rest of the week is free! I don't think I could do it day after day. What do you think? Have you ever done anything like that?


Gail said...

Good plan, Pam! I like to do things that way too because it's hard to keep going on stuff like that for more than a day or two. Then you know you've accomplished a big task for the week. Hope this next one goes quickly! (A lot quicker than my 4-week-and-counting photo sorting project, LOL!)

Ruth said...

Hi Pam. I belong to a group who posts a to do list each month and gives tips for organisation. Address is and it has helped me a lot in decluttering my life. I still have heaps to do but my closet can shut as can my linen cupboard. I am slowly but surely decluttering my life. Good on you for getting so much done.