Thursday, August 31, 2006

A few pictures from CKU-Boston

Here are a few pictures of Karen, Joanne, Joan and I from Boston. Fist we have Karen working away at one of the 6x6 pages we did on the "make-and-take" day. Next is at a class, then Karen, Joanne and Joan at the No Name Restaurant. We got some other scrapper to take all of us at the door of the No Name (me, Karen, Joan, Joanne) . Then, just to show we really did do some scrapbooking, here are Joan, Joanne and Karen at the Friday night crop. Finally me, Joan and Joanne with our diplomas and silly hats. For some reason, when other people take pictures with my auto-focus camera they manage to make them blurry!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pointe du Chene Wharf

This has been a gathering place for countless years. When my husband was little he used to fish off the wharf and still many people can be found fishing there. Driving down to the wharf to see the sunset, boats and other people is a long-standing tradition too. For a while it fell into disrepair, but a campaign to save this treasure and enhance it has resulted in repairs as well as several new businesses taking root there in the last few years. There are now two restaurants, an ice-cream stand, a souvenir shop, a "lighthouse" which is used as a lookout, a fish market, lots of parking and, of course, the boats moored there which come from all over. Last night we took a drive down to the wharf and my daughters got some ice cream and we took some pictures of the sailboats. Here are a few.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


My daughters have shirts from a company from Chicago called Threadless. One daughter, in particular, has a small mountain of them. If you submit pictures of yourself wearing their shirts and they are accepted for the website, you get points towards purchase of more shirts. Last night two of the girls took pictures so here are a few of them. It was fun to watch them set up the pictures with props that matched the theme of the shirts. These are not the ones submitted in case the pictures have to be "unpublished". There were a few more different shirts they modeled, but this is a sampling.