Tuesday, January 03, 2006

That girl needs gloves!

I'm just looking at my weather pixie and she needs gloves! Mittens, even! It's minus 13C for gosh sake! What is she doing out without gloves on? She must be a teenager! Oh well, as she is made of computer code, maybe she doesn't get cold.


Anne said...

I agree! Pixie's are trendy, after all, and what trendsetter wouldn't want to protect herself from being unable to continue in that capacity?

Love your snow pictures, I am going through snow withdrawal! It was a disgusting 74 degrees here yesterday. Yuck! Glad to be able to visit your blog and see pictures. I almost think that is the best part about these things!

Have a great day, Pam!

madcow said...

Last night Pam, you will be pleased to know that your pixie was standing (without gloves!) in -16C. Foolish pixie indeed. Mine is an idiot too - skimpy little dress with an umbrella. I think they're on drugs or something. Love & hugs Clare

Doug Bagley said...

74 wonderful, sunny degrees here, LOL. Maybe that's why I'm not afraid of going to hell when I die (I love warmth), that and I taught school for 4 years, lol.
Happy New Year everybody!

Ruth said...

And mine weather girl needs a cool water spritzer - she is dying in the heat.

tiggerrules said...

I think she needs a heavier coat too! LOL! I agree, must be a teenager.