Friday, May 11, 2007

Cruise to the Bahamas and other happenings.

Okay, so some people have been asking if my daughter's musical is still playing since January! No, no...just no time and/or energy to write. Actually she has had another musical since then, The Fantasticks, in which she played a "mute" and had to rearrange things on stage during the performance, along with another girl. A few pictures follow. first of my daughter, then a couple of others of the cast.
More recently, I have just returned from a cruise to the Bahamas with a group of scrapbooking friends from Florida. After spending 4 days at Walt Disney World, I joined the group for the cruise from Port Canaveral. We all had a great time. One of the things that was a lot of fun was helping to surprise Jules with Jill from NC, who decided to join the cruise group only a few days before we went. Jill stayed with me in WDW for a day and then we went to the port. She surprised Jules on board and gave her a very creative presentation. There are a few other pictures of the cruise out of many. If you were on the cruise I'll be sending you a CD of them, and would love to see yours too.

Jill and I at Downtown Disney, then Jill when she surprised Jules on deck, a surprising presentation, a group of us at Nassau, Kip and Jules enjoying some wine at dinner, some of the group on deck, and Kip, Jill and Jules at dinner.