Thursday, June 19, 2008

Choir silliness

Our church choir put on an evening of entertainment along with a turkey dinner made by the church women's group. We sang some "serious" group numbers (Broadway songs) and then "branched out" into our renditions of some of well known groups from the past. A few friends from other choirs joined us for the event.Here's a few pictures of that event. Everyone had fun! From the top:
The choir and friends singing a group number. Or version of The Platters, singing Sentimental Journey. One of the Platters, Vic, who is 92 and a retired United Church Minister, one of the sharpest and most knowledgeable men I know, who wore a big grin throughout the evening. The "Mamas and the Papas" That's me second from the right. Me and another "Papa" singing California Dreaming. "Under the Boardwalk" I can't remember who they were supposed to be. "The Angels" with My Boyfriend's Back. That's me in the blond wig. There were others numbers but you get the drift!

Graduation Time

For Karen! Added a close up of Alix and her prom date. Didn't have one of her on her own.

I haven't posted in quite a while. Here are a few pictures of recent events. From the top:

Our daughter Nicole graduating from The University of New Brunswick in Saint John (Bachelor in Applied Management in Hospitality and Tourism): greeted by the Chancellor, getting her degree, the graduate with her sister Alix, dad Marcel, mom (me), and grandmother Annette.

Our niece, Josee, graduated from a private high school (Kent School) in Connecticut: her dorm building, Josee )in white) with Marcel, Nicole and me, Josee with her parents, brother Andre and Annette.

Our daughter, Alix, before her prom last night: Alix with friends Lindsay and Alex (MHS Drama is going to miss this hard-working trio!), Alix with 3 girls she went to Elementary and Middle School with - Caroline, Danielle and Danika, group shot of the grads at the park, Alix with date John, Hannah, Alex, Lindsay and Mitchell. Alex and Alix will be going to Ryerson University in the fall (in Toronto) and Hannah (from Riverview High School, who they know from the District 2 musicals) is going to George Brown University nearby, so they will all be close next year. Lindsay will be at Queens in Kingston, Ontario, about 2 hours away from Toronto.

The actual graduation is on Monday, June 23.