Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Added a few pictures

I added a few to each section of the Mediterranean trip from my pictures.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mediterranean Cruise

My family and I just got back from a 12 day cruise in theMediterrean. Here are just a few of our over 4000 pictures. They are backwards chronologically here. That is we started in Barcelona, went to Villefrance, etc., and Naples was our last stop before getting back to Barcelona.

Naples and Pompeii, Italy

More from Pompeii - tracks from sliding doors, stepping stones and chariot tracks, Marcel, Alix and Nicole at Pompeii, a beautiful fresco.

You have to admit this is an odd sign! Street vendor in Naples - anyone need a Prada bag? Frescos and a lovely Roman home in Pompeii, also Roman baths, the forum with Mt Vesuvius in the backgraound and "this way to the brothel" sign on the street.

Athens, Greece

few more from Athens - the Olympic Stadium for the first modern Olympics, the girls up by the Parthenon, a view down from the Acropolis.

Here we had a tour of the city and saw the Olympic stadium from a few years ago as well as the original one from the first modern Olympics. We also went up to see the Acropolis. Very crowded and hot! The guard is at the former royal palace (now the parliament). Got to like the shoes which weigh 10 pounds each.

Kusadasi Turkey

The Library of Celsus, Ephasus, a (very) public toilet in Ephasus, Nicole and our wonderful guide, eating lunch near the ruins at Dydyma.

Here we went to see the Roman ruins at Ephesus, Miletus and Dydyma and had lunch near the ruins at Didyma. We had a great guide and I think the consensus is Turkey was one of our favourite stops. The ruins we visited and the history of the place were amazing, and they really seem to want to make a good impression for tourists to encourage more visits. We loved it.

We then did a little shopping in Kusadasi (the port).

Santorini Island, Greece

A church in the village of Oia, the cable-car we took to come down to the port from the town of Fira, a view from the cable car. We took a tour to Oia, around the whole island and to a winery before stopping in Fira where we had lunch and looked around before going back to the ship.

Here there were no pelicans, but there were many friendly dogs.

Mykonos Island, Greece

Marcel and I in Mykonos on the beach right in the town.

There were two "greeter" pelicans along the shore and they let people come up quite close to them. When one's "shift" was over a man came by with a little truck and called the pelican and he hopped right up and rode away!

First Formal night

We had three formal nights. The first one we took all sorts of pictures.

Rome Italy

Nicole at the Colisseum, dome of St. Peter's, looking at souvenirs near the Trevi fountain.

We visited the Forum and Colisseum and saw other parts of Rome, not forgetting to throw a coin in the Trevi fountain so we would be sure to return. After lunch we also visited St. Paul's Basilica.