Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Antarctica and South America

My husband and I just returned from an amazing trip to South America and Argentina. We started by flying to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we spend two nights before flying to Ushuaia, at the south end of the country (Tierra Del Fuego).  From there we took a nine-day cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula and nearby islands.  We were on the French cruise ship, Le Diamant, and made landings on shore by means of Zodiacs.  After returning to Ushuaia, we flew back to Buenos Aires and the next day flew north to spend two days at Iguazu Falls, which are amazing and way bigger than Niagara Falls. Here are a very few of our pictures from the trip.

From the top: Marcel and I at the"end of the earth" ( the end of the road in Tierra del Fuego National Park); each of us on the ship with tabular icebergs in the distance, wearing our Antarctic Expedition parkas; several Zodiac landing craft in pursuit of a humpback whale; a cute Adelie penguin; Marcel taking pictures as penguins cross the path; a couple of Antarctic views from the ship; landing on a beach with the Zodiac;  Gentoo penguins; swimming in Antarctica (there were hot springs just under the water); in Iguazu: the view from our hotel balcony; a toucan near the hotel; three views of Iguazu Falls.