Wednesday, December 28, 2005


My husband took these pictures out by our cottage today. He went to check on it because there had been a storm surge (high water and ice) and he wanted to make sure there was no damage. Everything was just fine except there was a lot of ice covering everything. Winter can be very beautiful I think, as well as cold and dangerous at times.


madcow said...

Just beautiful Pam! It's just hard for me to come to terms with so much snow as I sit here in my t-shirt! LOL Glad the cottage was ok - it must have been a little bit of a worry for Marcel to wonder what he was going to open the door to! xxx Clare (PS. glad to see its "only" -2 today - yesterday when I looked in it was showing -5!! Must feel like a heatwave! LOL)

Ruth said...

Wow, those pictures are truly awesome and nothing like what I have ever experienced. It is like looking at a movie scene.

tiggerrules said...

Wow Pam! What a gorgeous cottage! No wonder you enjoy spending your summers out there. It looks beautiful in the snow, and I'm guessing just as beautiful in the summer. Glad everything was o.k. out there, and lucky you don't live to far.

Kip said...

Now Pam, we wouldn't call that a "cottage" here in Florida!! More on the idea of Janet's lodge to me, lol!!
It does look beautiful in the snow though, but veryyyy cold!