Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas!

We had a lovely Christmas. Christmas Eve we had our church service which was lovely and daughter Nicole, I , and the rest of the choir managed to light everyone's candles at the end of it without lighting anyone else on fire and/or burning each other's hair and/or dripping hot wax on ourselves. You know, those who are choir members and have the bigger candles don't get the little paper collars that keep the wax from dripping on our hands like all the rest of the people do, and if the wax drips you just accept it silently and carry on! Ah, the price of service! Never mind, it was all good, and we sang our carols well, and the musicians (flute, vioin, bassoon) were glorious. Afterwards we took some pictures back at the house, and gave out the traditional Christmas pyjamas to the girls, got ready for bed and put out the presents. The next morning, everyone was happy with their gifts and we had a nice relaxing day with the girls playing some board games and trying to work their new iPods, until it was time to go to my Brother-in-law's for Christmas dinner. Fun times again with the extended family. The pictures for the evening are all on film, so I can't post them yet until they are printed and scanned, but here are afew from Christmas Eve, the girls and I and some cats. One thing that I din;t mention about Christmas morning was the fun scavenger hunt that daughter Alix had us do to retrieve the gifts that she had bought for us. Each of us had a series of rhyming clues which led to the next clue and ultimately to the gift. It was so much fun! My gift from her was a bowl and a mug that had been made by her art teacher who does wonderful ceramic work.


Kip said...

Love that TV picture over the real fireplace! I would think you'd use a fireplace all the time up there. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday Pam. Happy Boxing Day!


madcow said...

A superb day in your house! And what a beautiful photo of you and the girls. I tried hard to get a family photo at our place but in the end had to resort to waiting until Joe fell asleep! LOL Hope your Boxing Day is all it should be ... stay away from the sales!! LOL XXX