Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Weather Pixie

As you can see I have a brand-new weather pixie to show you what it is like in my part of the world. This is thanks to my dear friend Kip who (unlike me) understands things like HTML and who put it there. I did have to make a change in it and I finally figured out where to go to do it. I'm slow Kip, but I get there eventually! How can we get along without a little help from our friends? What the pixie isn't really letting on is that the world is very white outside now and in fact when I looked out the window earlier I couldn't see our car at all. I thought it was gone! I could see the Jeep but not the Volvo wagon, which was totally covered in snow. Considering that is poured rain last night it was quite a surprise. Winter has hit and I hope people travelling will take it easy and be safe. Glad I don't have to go anywhere today!


Gail said...

Good job Pam, I'm almost inspired to have a blog too. I'm guessing that after the rain your cars will be encased in ice under all that snow. Ugh! Will have to get out and de-ice ours before long. Hope you have a lovely day!

Ruth said...

Well I cant believe that I just followed suit and put on a weatherpixie only to come here and see you did it first! Never mind I shall catch up with all the blog stuff as we go. Love that you have a blog too.