Friday, December 23, 2005

The problem with being ready for Christmas

I'm bored! I have done all my buying and crafting and wrapping and baking (which is pretty minimal really). I have my tree decorated and my house is decorated in a pretty minimal fashion this year, with bowls of red and gold Christmas tree balls and I like it like that! I usually put a garland all up my stair railing but I didn't do that this year. We have had the required choir practice for Christmas eve, where the most time was taken up in figuring out what order everyone should sit in the back pews during the prelude so we could get up and neatly form a line to process up to the choir loft during the first hymn. The second most amount of time seemed to be required for figuring out how we were going to stand later on in the service to light candles in the congregation. Oh yes, we did sing some too! My daughter Nicole is joining us for Christmas Eve. She sang in Junior Choir and then in Senior Choir all through high school and whenever she could when home from college and it is so nice to have her beside me in the choir loft again! Another choir member's daughter is also with us and another one's daughter AND grandaughter, so it is lovely to have these extra voices. Here's another picture of the church and one of one of my bowls of balls. The church picture, of course, is from the Moncton Chorale performance of Messiah.


madcow said...

Oh Pam! I found you! Straight from Ruth's blog so yes the link does work! LOL
When I opened it up I was just overcome with all the beautiful pics etc. There is something really magical about how "warm" your Christmas looks. Our pictures I'm afraid just look hot & sweaty! LOL
Glad you like Santa - I just got the giggles when I found him. Finally they are clicking on over here that they need to show us our own unique version of Christmas. Mum had an appointment at one of the city hospitals the other day and is now sending me to go take photo's of their Christmas tree in the waiting room. Apparently it was all flax, paua & kites. Sounds gorgeous. If I make it in there I promise to post some pics.
Love & hugs to you (and your extremely gorgeous girls!)

Kip said...

I think that's why I refuse to rush through getting ready for Christmas as I want to spread it all out so I can enjoy something more, each day.
I love your blog Pam!
Have a wonderful Christmas!


Ruth said...

The photo of your balls is so artistic, love it! AS for being ready early, I always think I am and then discover I aren't. I was putting stockings together, went to bed and came to with a jolt because I had forgotten to put the books in. Panic stations afet midnight on Christmas Eve/Day. So organised aren't I? Hope you enjoy your day and have had a blessed and fun Christmas.