Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More Christmas

Time for the Christmas dance! Here is my daughter, then her with a friend after getting all dressed up at our place. Note her lovely straight hair: I tried curling it and it was such a disaster that she had to wet it down again, dry it and straighten it. There goes my career as a hairdresser! (LOL) The third picture is NZ Santa which came all the way from NZ and is now finally residing on my tree. One of the wonderful things about getting to know people all over the world through a scrapbooking message board is the very real friendship that can form over such long distances. I have the great joy and priviledge to count people in Australia, New Zealand, England, all across the US and Canada as my friends and just one example among many of the ways these friendships can manifest themselves is this NZ Santa sent to me this Christmas. Thanks Clare! I didn't send much out this year but I have a plan for next year - are you all worried yet?

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Ruth said...

That NZ Santa is adorable. I tell you, Clare comes up with the most wonderful gifts doesn't she and she is so giving to us. Such a blessing to have friends like her. Love that you have a blog spot where we can read your news.