Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Week in Provence

My husband Marcel and I just returned from a lovely week in Aix en Provence. We were there with a group put together through McGill Alumni Travel and some other Alumni groups. The tour was run by AHI (Alumni Holidays International) and was very much fun. We had talks about the history of the area, about art (especially Van Gogh and Cezanne and their contemporaries), and about modern day France and went out on daily excursions to various places in the area. We ate great food and discovered local specialties. Here are a few pictures. They are (top to bottom) a fountain and street in Aix, Cezanne's family home, Mont St Victoire (painted often by Cezanne), Pont de Gard (Roman aquaduct) near Avignon, palace of the popes in Avignon, hilltop village Les Baux, a 17th century street in Aix, Camargue horse and cowboy getting ready to perform for a traditional wedding procession in Arles, Roman amphitheatre in Arles, me in Gordes, spices in the market in Aix, colourful houses in Roussillon, lion on the castle of Ansouis, some of our group having coffee in the castle which is still lived in by the same family since the 1300s, the seaside village of Cassis, where we were supposed to go for a boat ride, but it was too windy. These are only a few pictures from the trip of course.


Gail said...

Pam your photos are gorgeous! You really have an eye for composition. Sounds like the trip was wonderful and someday I want to see the album you will make from it, which I'm sure will be beautiful! Thanks for posting the pictures.

Kip said...

I love all these photos Pam! Boy, Cezanne's home was beautiful. I'm sure you had a wonderful time. Sorry you couldn't go on the boat ride though as it looked so picturesque.

Jodi said...

What great photos Pam. I am a sucker for a good scenery shot, and you have so many there. I'm sure there are tons more you could show us. I'd love to see the whole alblum sometime. What a wonderful trip.

Creative Escape registration is Feb. 3rd! I've got it marked on my calendar and am thinking of taking the morning off work so there are no distractions when the clock strikes 9.


jan said...

BEAUTIFUL PAM!!! You take wonderful pictures, you and Gail are awesome photographers!! I told Chris, I want to go to New Zealand to see Clare, Nothing scary going on there! What a great time you all must have had!! I am envious of all of your travel!! HUGS!! JANET/Planet