Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our new garage and deck

We have an 86 year old house and the garage was probably about that old too! It had a wooden floor and the roof was starting to leak. This summer we had a new (normal) garage built and in the course of re-organizing the back yard area (which is really a small courtyard) we had a new and larger deck put on, the dog run moved in behind the garage and a new fence built. Here are a few pictures. It is quite a change! In the picture of the deck, the structure at the back will be to shelter the BBQ when we get one and the pumpkins are resting on the covers of what will be planters in the spring. We are very excited because we can actually put a car in this garage and raise and lower the door electronically. Okay so it doesn't take much to make us happy!

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Ruth said...

That deck is nice, very nice. When are you having all the EBs over for a bbq. I like bbq breakfasts myself which should suit all.