Saturday, June 03, 2006

District 2 Drama Festival

Okay, this is a bit behind-the-times, but in April my daughter Alix performed in 3 plays in the School District 2 Drama Festival and then did 2 of them again in the Provincial Drama Festival in Fredericton. Two of her roles were major ones and one was a small part. I thought I'd show you a few pictures from the plays. The first 3 are from "Women and Wallace" which explores the relationships of Wallace, a boy whose mother kills herself when he is 6 years old, with the women in his life from the age of 6 to young adulthood. Alix played his grandmother and appeared in 3 sections of the play. I have the pictures in reverse. In the lower one Wallace has just lost his mother, in the middle one (Alix in green shirt) he is a young boy and in the top one he is a university student.

The next 3 are from the play "A Night Like No Other" which was written by their teacher, Micheal McArdle and deals with a rich family on the Titannic on the night of the captain's dinner. Alix played the motherwho is anxious for her younger daughter to be as socially well-connected as the older daughter is, while the younger daughter wants adventure and has befriended a young woman from the lower class. We only find out at the end that they are on the Titannic and so all the plans are likely to go wrong for them. Note the elaborate set. Every other high school shows up at this festival with a table and a chair - Moncton High brings a whole stateroom off the Titannic! Alix had this dress made for her by someone who sews better than I do. Isn't it gorgeous!

Thes last 2 are from S.P.A.R. which is hard one to describe in a short paragraph so I won't even try! Alix was "in the audience" with 3 other people and at one point they "discovered" there were walls surrounding them and you can see them leaning up against the wall. They had a couple of lines to say as well. The whole thing was about the play's author having control over the people in the play only they didn't want to believe it . They thought they were "real". Second picture is the curtain call just so you can see all the cast members and the set a bit. Anyway that's it. I can't imagine why I didn't post these earlier except maybe that was when I was having computer problems.


Ruth said...

I cant imagine how hard it is to remember three plays plots, lines and nuainces (sp?) at the same time. She must be just so talented. And yes I love the dress made for her. Excellent stuff.

tiggerrules said...

Great pictures. It must be so fun having a dd so into the theater so you can enjoy things together. Love that dress too.

Gail said...

Oh doesn't Alix look great in that dress! She would have fit right in the Victorian era! Looks like they all had a great time.

Jules said...

What great it is true as the Bard says, all the world's a stage? I need to keep an eye out for Theatre papers for you!

RobinFL said...

Hi Pam. It's Robin from the cruise. I am a little late in thanking you, but I finally found your blog. :-) Thanks for sending the CD of the cruise photos...much appreciated. Hope you and your family are doing well. Take Care.