Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Back from New Hampshire

I haven't been there since March! I just haven't had time to post for various reasons. I did, however, just come back from the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooking Convention in Manchester, NH, on Monday. I had a lovely time sharing a room with my friend Gail from Vermont and her daughter Kelsey. Besides taking classes and shopping and eating and shopping and chatting and (did I mention?) shopping, we had a chance to drive to Massachusetts and visit with two other friends, Karen and Kellee. It was great to see them again! Anyway, the pictures here are ones I promised Gail, who didn't quite believe I would get all my purchases into my suitcase. In the first you can see the suitcase open with all packed inside, and then in the second, closed and everything into the suitcase and carry on bag, except for the camera, which went into the green bag once I took the pictures. I didn't even exceed the weight limit for the plane!


Gail said...

Good job Pam! I'm so proud of you. Think I'm going to save the photo because it makes me smile. LOL.

Colleen said...

Just how much shopping did you do Pam??? That suitcase looks like it has some serious shopping in it. I'm glad that you enjoyed your trip!

Jules said...

What fun! I love how neatly you have packed all your goodies! Glad to hear you all had a great time!

Ruth said...

LOL, who needs to take clothes home when you can take scrapbook supplies. I would have tossed the clothes anyway. Great job at packing and a tad jealous that I do not get to go on these wonderful adventures meeting EBs all over. What fun.