Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Okay, so I haven't posted here for almost a month! I was on what you might call the Olympic Break. I was much more interested in watching the doings of the Canadian and other athletes in the Winter Olympics than sitting at my computer and typing away. I'm happy to report that they came home with 24 medals, the best ever, and tonight I will be seeing one of them as Russ Howard, who was part of the gold medal Canadian curling team, lives in Moncton and will be honored at our major junior hockey game tonight, as well as many other times over the near future I'm sure. Anyway, since the Olympics I have had a headache (unrelated I'm sure) and haven't spent much extra time on the computer either. I have been scrapping (while watching TV) and will report on that in my "Layouts" blog. On Friday I am off to New York City with my husband, daughter, and a friend of my daughter's. Should be fun as we have tickets to two musicals, Spamalot and Wicked, as well as a backstage tour of Wicked. The kids are in drama and have acted in the school musicals so this will be a real treat for them (and us). I'll report on that trip when I get back. Meanwhile, here's a picture of my daugheter and her frinends at the joint birthday party 3 of them had at our house at the beginning of February. This is the one from her digital camera, which wasn't working quite right but I think I have a better one on film. Still, a cute bunch aren't they. It was so much fun to have them. Some played the piano, some guitars, meanwhile other music was coming from the CD player. My daughter is the one in front with dark hair, pink dress and beige sweater.

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Ruth said...

you are allowed a break or two, I think this computer thingy is getting way out of hand. I feel guilty for not visiting everywhere and hardly have enough time to post anywhere. I am all for the break now and then. Olympics and scrapbooking is the best excuses to have a break, and soon the commonwealth games so there is a little more down time.