Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Creating Keepsakes...and creating friendships

Since 2003 I have been a member of the Creating Keepsakes Message Board and since that time I have made many friendships with people on the board and have met several in person. Despite the distances that seperate us in "real life", many have become good friends, especially the group that call ourselves the "Early Birds", meeting to talk about our days, our joys and our problems each morning. Some from Australia and New Zealand join us in their evening hours. Recently the CKMB has launched a new board format, while, though it has its advantages for some, lacks the simplicity and the means to sub-post (answer an individual's answer to you or to another, which makes the posting seem more like a conversation) that the original board did. In honour of the "old board", we are having a farewell party on March 23, and I decided to post some pictures of various board members (especially EBs) that I have had a chance to meet.

From top to bottom:
1. Acopy of a copy so I think it's lost a bit in translation but... agroup at CKU-WDW in june 2003, my first CKU and my first meeting with fellow CKMBers. Top row: Janis (JTCalypso), Audrey (Lighthouses). Cindy (Cindyrella), Jan (Jamming Jan); front row: me, Chrissy (UFScrapper), Amanda (Mandalinn)
2. Janet (Planet) and me in a scrapbook store in New Jersey (April 2004, I do have a picture somewhere with my eyes open!)
3. A silly supper picture at CKU Boston (July 2004) (Anita S, Kathy A, Holly L, Janet K, and me),
4. Karen's BBQ during CKU-Boston (I didn't have an unscrapped picture of this, so here's the 6x6 page: backrow: Rebecca (BEARGAL1), Karen (KarenLouWhoo), Kathy (AKathy, Kellee (Kellee); middle row: Lori (Luvmygirls), Sandra (SandraGS), Lauren (addictedtoscrapping), Gail (VTScrapper); front row: Pam (Pam in Moncton, i.e me), Janet (Planet)
5. Linda (tadcrafty) and me at CKU-M in Nashville (June 2005)
6. Anne (3Dog Mom) and me just before CKU in Nashville
7. Jules and me at Memories Expo in Orlando (October 2005)
8. Gail, her husband David and daughter Kelsey and me at an Indian restaurant in Moncton (December 2005)

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MI Colleen said...

Pam, I couldn't have said it better. I hope that the EBs don't fizzle out and go away. Getting up in the morning and hanging out with the EBs has come to mean so much to me. I will truly miss the old format of the CKMB. I will not be posting in the new format as it annoys me. My theory is, if it's not broke, don't fix it! As a long time user of CKMB, I don't embrace the change. If I wanted that format, I would go to other sites. I hope to see everyone on SSMB.
"MI Colleen"