Sunday, August 19, 2007

Naples and Pompeii, Italy

More from Pompeii - tracks from sliding doors, stepping stones and chariot tracks, Marcel, Alix and Nicole at Pompeii, a beautiful fresco.

You have to admit this is an odd sign! Street vendor in Naples - anyone need a Prada bag? Frescos and a lovely Roman home in Pompeii, also Roman baths, the forum with Mt Vesuvius in the backgraound and "this way to the brothel" sign on the street.

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krobinson said...

Pompeii Italy is an amazing historical landmark. It’s been year since I visited there, but the impression is still alive. The restored ruins are amusing for their story frozen in the bricks and the casts of bodies, which recall the loss of the port city back to life. I think one should go and experience this incredible city.